Samaritan and the Living Water commission pageChristian Bronze has assembled a talented team that loves the Savior Jesus Christ, and seeks to create inspirational pieces of fine art work that expresses our love for Him.  We love to work with our clients in collaboration, bringing to life the piece that expresses the thoughts and feelings you hope portray in your finished piece of art work.

If you are working to find or create a specific piece of religious sculpture for a garden, church, cathedral, or place of worship, we have the expertise, experience, and technical ability to create this sculpture for you.

We enjoy working with you and strive to make the entire process enjoyable.  For those interested in beginning a project, there is no cost or commitment in order to meet and discuss possibilities.  We can collaborate in person, over the phone, or by internet.  Your ideas can be specific or loose, and as we collaborate together we can envision the project further.  From the initial meeting, we are able to work up small three-dimensional sketches.  This is an effective step to materialize possible designs and show the artist’s vision of your ideas.  At the next meeting, we review the sketches together, making adjustments as necessary to capture the exact idea.  Once you are pleased with a sketch we are able to move forward with a proposal for the full-scale clay creation and the bronze casting.   We also can help with the design or layout of the project, as well as the design of the pedestal.   In addition, we can coordinate the transportation and installation of the finished statue at your request.  The project begins only after the price is agreed upon.Saint in Prayer commission page

Our terms are 1/3 payment to begin the project.  The next 1/3 is due at the completion of the full scale clay, and the final 1/3 is due upon delivery and/or installation of the finished bronze sculpture.   The timing varies, but generally takes about 90 days to design and sculpt the piece, and another 60-90 days to cast the project in bronze, deliver and install it.

All of our bronzes are cast using the lost-wax method with only museum quality bronze.  This ensures not only high quality castings, but also work that will be able to last many generations.  If you would like your design to be created in other mediums, we can take the original clay design, and scan it to have it milled and created as a stone sculpture, or metal sculpture using other material.  We have the expertise to handle any project, and have worked on some of the largest sculpture projects in the United States.  Let’s work together to capture the creation you envision.We are located at the Alpine Art Center in beautiful Alpine, Utah.   Most of our clients have found it enjoyable to meet with us at the studio to view current projects and have a tour of the foundry.  You can learn more about the bronze casting process as a part of your overall experience in commissioning a piece of sculpture.